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Jill Keto is the co-founder of, published author, and engineer chick. You can find her on and Twitter. Jill has provided over 1000 chess kids after-school programs and tournaments.

4 Move Checkmate (Scholar’s Mate) – How to Win Chess in 4 Moves

There are other ways to win chess in 4 moves, but none as famous and often-played as Scholar’s mate. No chess strategy arsenal would be complete without this popular version of the 4-Move Checkmate. A Popular Kids Chess Move 90%* … Keep reading

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Girls and Assertiveness: Kids Chess Prepares Girls to Succeed In The Real World

Parents are selecting their kids activities with their eye on college admissions and career success, according to Hilary Levey Friedman’s Playing to Win: Raising Children in a Competitive Culture. This is particularly true for families raising girls. In it, she … Keep reading

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DIY: Start a Kids Chess Club at Your School

Welcome to Part 2 in my series about launching kids chess club, and becoming the hero of your kids’ school. Part 1 described the ridiculously inflated cost of after-school activities, and how chess is the alternative with the highest rewards … Keep reading

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