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4 Move Checkmate (Scholar’s Mate) – How to Win Chess in 4 Moves

There are other ways to win chess in 4 moves, but none as famous and often-played as Scholar’s mate. No chess strategy arsenal would be complete without this popular version of the 4-Move Checkmate. A Popular Kids Chess Move 90%* … Keep reading

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DIY: Start a Kids Chess Club at Your School

Welcome to Part 2 in my series about launching kids chess club, and becoming the hero of your kids’ school. Part 1 described the ridiculously inflated cost of after-school activities, and how chess is the alternative with the highest rewards … Keep reading

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5 Reasons to Play Chess For Kids This Summer

photo courtesy Giant Chess 1. Combat Summer Slide According to¬†educational research, the average student falls one month behind during¬†the summer months. But chess for kids keeps active the areas of the brain responsible for problem solving and critical thinking. 2. … Keep reading

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