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Our comprehensive beginner's curriculum is the best of chess online.
Here are the 20 skills taught in our free Learn the Rules of Chess!

  • Piece Names
  • The Starting Position
  • The Game of Chess
  • Bishop Moves
  • Rook Moves
  • Queen Moves
  • Knight Moves
  • Pawn Moves
  • Pawn Promotion
  • King Moves
  • Piece Values
  • Check
  • Checkmate
  • Escaping Check
  • Castling Basics
  • Castling Rules
  • Legal Moves
  • Stalemate
  • Draw
  • Notation


  • Practice Checkmating (winning the game)
  • Play the computer at your own level...from "easy" to "mean"
  • Choose your game style – 10 ways to play
  • Voice Guidance – reading is not necessary to follow the lessons

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