Tip 1
Your student will get the best results if you take an active roll in his/her chess progress.

Tip 2
Encourage daily practice, even if only for a few minutes each day. Like learning an instrument, short but consistent practice yields great results in the game of Chess.

Tip 3
If the content is too hard, change your difficulty setting in the student dashboard.

Tip 4
Take the time to work through challenging material with your child. Watch the movie lessons and then solve some matching puzzles together.

Tip 5
Celebrate your child’s successes. Reward them for milestones earned through number of puzzles completed, games won, or error rate improvements.

Tip 6
Play chess on a physical chess board with your child, and encourage them to play with friends.

Tip 7
In your home, always have a chess board out with the pieces set up.

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