“Both my boys LOVE ZoomChess. My husband and I are both working parents, and time is limited. I’m grateful with ZoomChess they can learn without an adult’s help. Even my 5 year-old, with limited reading skill, can practice on his own with the clear sound cues. I will refer my friends to ZoomChess.”
-Angelene H., mom of two ZoomChess students

“Both of my son and daughter are hooked. I’m glad my kids now have a way to learn and practice at home, and I don’t have to be a chess expert.”
-Jennifer S., mom of two ZoomChess students.

“Even a small child who can’t read can use ZoomChess without an adult. The system keeps kids motivated and eager to get better and play more often. Clear-cut instructions for each exercise help them to learn strategies on their own.”
-Irada I., mom of ZoomChess student.

“I’m learning a lot faster than in chess class. Now when I’m playing games I can plan ahead and do moves I’ve never done before. ZoomChess is fun and I’m enjoying it! I finally beat my mom.”
-Nathen D. Age 11, ZoomChess student.

“This has been a huge break-through for my son. He knew the rules and played games. But now he has STRATEGY.”
-Dean D., dad of ZoomChess student.

“My daughter’s chess club homework consisted of 6 puzzles on a sheet of paper. But she will happily do 50 puzzles in a row on ZoomChess, with instant feedback if her solution was right or wrong. Her rating went up 200 points, and her love of chess grew. Thanks! This program is awesome!”
-Jill, mom of two ZoomChess students

“I used to play chess games online, but now I play this instead. I’ve done 3413 puzzles, and now I’m a Knight! And oh yeah, I can beat my older brother more.”
-Peter L., age 7

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