• A complete chess curriculum from beginning to advanced (1500+ USCF rating)
  • Animated, kid-friendly movie lessons
  • Corresponding activities for each lesson, so kids can practice what they learn
  • Thousands of chess puzzles sorted by topic
  • Variety of questions - multiple choice, goal achieving, and think-ahead strategies
  • Self-paced learning so each child gets taught at the level "just right" for him or her
  • Questions that adapt to your child's ability - increasing in difficulty as they improve
  • Fun and colorful practice formats
  • Immediate feedback and question-specific explanations to solidify understanding of each topic
  • Audio hints, solutions, and instructions
  • Detailed reports on your child's progress

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"We use ZoomChess for the kids that want to extend their learning outside of our school's Chess Club. Many of the kids, and parents, are just learning how to play. ZoomChess is a great tool for learning more, and improving."
-Dr. John Osoinach
Dallas, TX

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