PTA Funded
Check your PTA for funds budgeted for technology, enrichment, and educational opportunies that extend outside the regular school curriculum.

Principal and Teacher
Ask your principal or teacher if school or classroom slush funds are available for instructional technology in the classroom.

Try collecting funds directly from parents, and purchase as a group for a substantial discount compared to the individual or family rate.

Chess Club Funded
Try Building the cost of ZoomChess into your school’s Chess Club tuition. Offering the ZoomChess subscription is a high value-add, as kids learn to play better and progress faster with regular practice on ZoomChess at home.

Chess Fundraisers
Grab some parent volunteers to run concessions stands at school events. Try selling pizza, beverages, and baked goods at your next big school event…like Science fair, music concerts, or back-to-school gatherings. Or, try hosting a chess tournament at your school. It can be a formal scholastic chess tournament, or an informal kids and parents event.

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