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Homeschool Chess players
Homeschoolers are perfectly positioned to excel in chess. Every year, many top players at the U.S. national scholastic championships are homeschooled students.

Homeschooling transcipts and Curricula
Since ZoomChess is an entire curriculum, not just an online playing site, you can add ZoomChess to your child’s academic transcript. A detailed list of topics and course description can be found here. Chess is an excellent way to round out a homeschool transcript for college admission.

Everything you need in one place
ZoomChess is like having a library of chess books at your fingertips…if those books could also talk and move the pieces!

Books are not practical
Imagine trying to teach your child one concept, setting up the board according to a book, and then practicing it (which requires the board to be set up 10 or 12 different ways). It would take hours.

A better way
Now imagine the concept is taught in a short video lesson, followed immediately by 10 or 12 practice puzzles with instant board setup, hints, feedback, voice narration to nudge the student along, and the computer coach as an opponent so even multi-move tactics can be taught. The student “gets it” in a few minutes, and moves on. If they don’t “get it” the system moves on, and later re-visits the concept.

We’re sort of like…
We’ve been told by homeschool kids that we do for chess what Teaching Textbooks does for math. It’s true that like Teaching Textbooks, we offer video lessons and corresponding practice. But we have something in addition – our adaptive learning technology always knows the level of the student and teaches exactly to that level. So every student gets exactly what they need, when they need it!

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