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More practice = more trophies
Let’s face it: kids like to win trophies. ZoomChess is the proven way for kids to practice and improve quickly.

Practice made perfect
ZoomChess is used as a supplement to regular Chess Club instruction, by offering a structured way for kids to practice.

What’s better – 6 puzzles or 60?
Hand a kid a sheet of paper with 6 puzzles, and they will do them. ZoomChess users do 30-60 puzzles (or more) at a time! With hints, rewards, feedback, and even video lessons – in case someone needs a refresher.

Mommy…how do I checkmate with two Bishops?
An issue with many families is that the parents simply don’t play chess, or don’t play as well as their kids! ZoomChess gives kids a practical way to play and practice at home, regardless of their parents’ chess ability.

Think a book is going to help your students?
To excel in chess, kids must have the opportunity to learn and practice. ZoomChess is like having a full library of chess books at your fingertips…if those books could also talk and move the pieces!

Differentiated learning
From absolute beginners to national champions, ZoomChess assesses each student, and figures out what material should be presented, according to ability.

Your homework, your plan – NEW, Coming in May 2013
Coaches, ZoomChess is building more flexibility and reporting just for you. You can assign homework, and we’ll grade it! Monitor your students’ progress to track their level of play and understanding by topic. Design and save your own lesson plans, and more…

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