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Can I let my other children use ZoomChess?

ZoomChess training tracks student progress and delivers exercises according to the individual child’s level. Therefore, it is not a good idea to let other people play on your child’s account. If other people play “as” your child…the progress will be skewed and possibly deliver training that is too difficult for your child. You may add an additional child to your account at any time. However, you only require one Parent Account, from which you will be able to track the progress of all your children.

Can I set up a free trial for my 2nd child?

Yes, anyone can set up a free trial at any time. When you are ready to add the 2nd child to your subscription, you may click “I’d like to add kids to My Family” on the Parent Dashboard.

I’m a school teacher. How can I use ZoomChess in the classroom?

You can get a group subscription. Each student will have their own ZoomChess account. You can use ZoomChess in any space in the school with computer & internet access. You can watch lessons together, by plugging any computer into a smart board. Or if you have access to a computer lab, all the kids can access their own ZoomChess accounts at once. We encourage school teachers to have at least one physical chess board in the classroom, such as a roll-up vinyl tournament set.

Can a parent play and understand more about what ZoomChess is?

Parents can sign up for a free trial for themselves and play like a student.

How do I log in to my Parent Dashboard?

When you log in with your own User Name and Password, you will automatically be directed to your Dashboard.

My child is too young to have an email account. Can she still sign up to learn?

Yes of course! Simply use the email address of the Parent or Legal Guardian, and check the consent box when you sign up the child.

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