Using ZoomChess

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Where do I find a list of Topics and Lessons?

A full list of topics can be found in the Tour Section of our website. To access them in the ZoomChess application, first launch ZoomChess. You’ll be in the Training Room, and notice there are four buttons at the top. One of them is called “Topics”. From there, you will be able to access the curriculum by topic.

Does my child need to choose a topic to start learning?

No. The ideal way to use ZoomChess is to allow the Training Room to guide your child through the curriculum. Just turn it on and let your child play.

What is the difference between the Training Room, Checkmate, and Game Play environments?

The “Training Room” takes the student through puzzles, exercises and lessons at the level matching the child’s chess ability. As the student progresses, the training room content changes to more challenging material.

“Checkmate” is a flexible practice environment for checkmating the computer using a pre-defined group of pieces (like a Rook ands Queen, for example).

“Game Play” allows the student to play full chess games against the computer at the student’s level.

Can I turn off the talking teacher?

Yes. Narration can be turned off from the OPTIONS menu in the training room.

Why is my child doing exercises that are below their current level?

ZoomChess measures your child’s response time and error rate to determine what their ability actually is. In the beginning, it is figuring out how much your child knows, and where the “holes” are. Certain concepts must be mastered before progressing. If your child thinks the material is too easy, make sure they are not rushing through the exercises. Careless mistakes count as mistakes, and are factored into the playing level.

How do I access lessons and topics I feel my child should be working on?

Click the “Topics” button in the Training Room, where you will find a wide variety of curriculum subjects to explore. From here, you can choose to view a lesson or train these topics with exercises and puzzles. Additionally, If you are looking for topics relating to checkmating with specific pieces, say – Two Bishops – click the “Checkmate” button in the Training Room.

I forgot my password. How can I retrieve it?

Click “Log In” on the top of the homepage. Then “Click HERE if you forgot your username or password”.

How do I log in?

Go to ZoomChess.com, and in the upper right corner, click “Log In”. Enter your username and password, and click “Submit”.

How does my child log in?

Your child can access ZoomChess two ways
1. From your Parent Dashboard
2. Logging in to ZoomChess with the child’s own ZoomChess account

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