FAQs / How do I get ZoomChess to work on my computer?

1. You must have internet access

2. Your computer must be able to play sound. Most of the games, puzzles, lessons, and exercises are narrated by a “talking teacher”. It is designed to be useful for children that might not know how to read.

3. Your computer must have a web browser. We recommend Firefox browser which can be downloaded here:


4. You must have Java, and the right Java. An easy way to find out if you have Java, is to visit //www.java.com. There is a button that reads “Free Java Download”. Directly below that, click where it reads “Do I have Java”. If you don’t have Java, click “Free Java Download”.

5. Let your browser use Java. You may need to tell your web browser that it has permission to use Java.

Firefox: go to the Firefox menu – Preferences – General – Add-ons – Manage Add-On – then “Enable” Java Applet Plug-in.

Internet Explorer: go to Tools – Internet Options – Security. Click “Custom level”, go down to SCRIPTING and turn it on.

“Active Scripting” – Enable

…and click “Save Settings”

6. Allow “Cookies”

Firefox: go to the Firefox menu – Preferences – Privacy – than check the box “Accept cookies from sites”

Internet Explorer: Click Tools – Internet Options – Privacy – Advanced.

Click “Override Automatic Cookie Handling”

Click “Accept” First Party Cookies

Check “Always Allow Session Cookies”

…and click “Okay” at the bottom

7. Any firewall or filtering software must allow HTTP access to //zoomchess.com and sub-domains of zoomchess.com.

8. Any parental control software installed on the computer must allow ZoomChess to run.

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