• Outstanding Improvement Rates
  • Used by students and schools world-wide
  • Reporting for parents and coaches
  • From pre-K to grade 12; up to 1600+ rating
  • Individualized - adapts to each student and delivers content at their level
  • The Internet's most advanced chess learning environment
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"Even a small child who can't read can use ZoomChess without an adult. The system keeps kids motivated and eager to get better and play often. Clear-cut instructions for each exercise help them to learn strategies on their own."
-Irada I, mom of ZoomChess student
"I'm learning a lot faster than in chess class. Now when I'm playing games I can plan ahead and do moves I've never done before. ZoomChess is fun and I'm enjoying it!"
-Nathen D. Age 11, ZoomChess student
"This has been a huge break-through for my son. He knew the rules and played games. But now he has STRATEGY."
-Dean D., dad of ZoomChess student

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