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Our Mission:
We are devoted to the complete education of kids, and believe that chess unlocks human potental in every subject.

Why Choose ZoomChess?

ZoomChess adapts to the student, and individualizes what they see next. With a curriculum divided in over 150 subject areas, ZoomChess discovers where students have developed proficiency, and where they need help…and delivers activities at their level.

Zoomchess covers all aspects of Chess. It contains thousands of learning activities for students ages 4-18.

ZoomChess measures and responds to your child’s individual strengths and weaknesses. Students progress at their own pace, and master concepts before moving on.

Students know how they are progressing with detailed reporting.

It’s faster than traditional methods. ZoomChess outpaces book learning and classroom learning by a wide margin. Because students can learn a concept, practice it, and master it with instant feedback, instant board set-up, and at a level that is “just right” for that student.

Animated lessons are like having a chess coach available 24 hours a day! ZoomChess has more animated lessons than any chess product in the world.

The talking teacher reads instructions, gives hints, and explains concepts. Even when the student’s answer is wrong, the messages stay positive!

ZoomChess is committed to providing the world’s leading kids Chess resource at an affordable price. You can have a year on ZoomChess for less than an hour with a private coach.


The ZoomChess Curriculum

The ZoomChess curriculum was developed over 30 years of teaching kids chess in the classroom, to both casual players and national champions. It is widely regarded as the best Chess curriculum available online.


How to get the most out of ZoomChess

-Your student will get the best results if you take an active roll in his/her chess progress.
-Encourage daily practice, even if only for a few minutes each day.
-If the content is too hard, change your difficulty setting in the student dashboard.
-Take the time to work through challenges with your child. Watch the movie lessons and re-visit the activity.
-Celebrate your child’s successes. Reward them for milestones earned through number of puzzles completed, games won, or error rate improvements.
-Play chess on a physical chess board with your child, and encourage them to play with friends.
-In your home, always have a chess board out with pieces set up.

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