How to use Java safely

The use of ZoomChess requires running the Java plug-in in your browser.

You might have heard that Java is unsafe, and that the use of it poses a security risk. Please do not be alarmed. There is a way to use Java safely.

The Safe way to use Java

1. Download the most recent version of Firefox at

2. Get the latest version of Java. Check ¬†and click “Do I have Java?”. This will verify whether or computer has the latest version of Java.

3. Make sure you have Java enabled on your browser. Instructions can be found here.

4. If you are being blocked from using Java, you can tell your browser that ZoomChess is a trusted site.

a) Click the red plugin icon, in the address bar and a message window will open.

b) Click the little drop-down arrow next to the words “Activate All Plugins”

c) Choose “Always activate plugins for this site”


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